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Sorry for a lack of updates! I've been plugging away; just forgot to make some gifs. With that said...gifs!

Bat enemy for the forest / cave level. Mostly flies around in a sine pattern and shoots when you get close. The art is temp; needs to be better.

Hopper enemy! Temp art for now. Hops around with varying hop strength and distance. Naturally one would think a frog, but I kind of want a different hopping enemy. Any ideas?

Need to flesh out one more enemy (was thinking of a duck then shoot type) and possibly do a variation or two on previous ones. Plan is to have all enemies done by the end of Feb. Then I need to work on the story and dialogue scenes. Then I need to figure out how this level will wrap up. Level 1 ends with a boss fight and I could do that...but part of me wants to make a simple puzzle? We'll see what happens!


maybe like a robot-pogo-stick? you could also try just creating a new creature altogether if you dont wanna use a frog!

Good input. Also ya know what, funny enough, I have a slime animation lying around that I could use if all else fails ;)