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I have played this twice now, you've got something here that's really working.

Here's what is working from the original to the new version.

Everything you added in the woods is 100% on point. I'd limit the amount of times the ghost shows up though, make it 2-4 times and then keep it hidden for the rest. If you wander in the woods too long it takes away from the game when you see it occasionally. I encountered a well, and that FREAKING CROW SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME! Really good.

The house is the weakest part of the update compared to the first. The story is good, I really like it. The ending is really well done, but the events in the house have lost its allure because you added the doors and added strings/music hits.

Don't add the strings or the hits when you first see it. Part of the charm that really sets your game is the fact that you use pure SFX over tropey Horror music and strings. The horror from this game is coming from the uncertainty of the enviroment. Open doors makes me feel vulnerable. The house changing as I move through it without doors makes me question if I'm seeing things right, the sounds that pop up I never know if it's really danger or just noises in the woods.

Ramp up the uncertainty, avoid music. Play with the sfx. That matched with the visuals you've put in does some excellent work on setting the mood.

This is really good work. You've got something solid coming together here.

Here's my experience for your joy.

Hey!  Thank you for the feedback, we really appreciate you taking the time to play the game and it's great to hear your thoughts. 

One of the things we wanted to do with the original was the stripped back paranoia type thing, after watching some play throughs we felt it was missing something.  The house changing was always on the cards but we need a way to stop the player noticing or going back ways we had to hide and so we had to add doors.  If we revisit it the house will be designed in a way we can better mask the house as it transforms as that was one thing I thought worked really well.

It definitely did. You've got some really solid horror elements at play here. It's not often the spooks land as well as they do here.
Hope you guys do more in this vein. You've definitely got the knack for it! Best of luck in all your future works.