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Worthy of being part of my great Chungus game collection.

I tried my best to Chungus my way through, but I only got so far before I died to Chungus enemies. Good game. Much Chungus. I record it.  (You are the third game I play)

So good! I had to record myself playing it with all the other Chungus Games!
I NEED MORE CHUNGUS IN MAH LIFE!  (You are the second game I play on the Chungus Games)

You know you've made an excellent Chungus game when someone makes a video on it. ;D

You made a game on a subject I can relate to, it just took awhile for me to realize it but thanks for listening to my rambles.
I'm glad your work seems to be doing quite well so far and I hope you continue creating with the same level of passion you had for this game. Creative and awesome work! ;D

Oooof!~ Definitely a long short game on a heavy subject that I didn't catch on with until later. I realize now you've since updated the game but I'm definitely playing on an older version since you updated very recently. Wish I'd had those subtitles you put in!

I talk about my thoughts about it all at the end. But overall, a very interesting game you've made here.

Part two. Forgot to post it here. xD

I enjoyed this. Begs the question of what may come in the future, or if nothing ever will be continued on the story. This was a nice little story/demo. Would be interested to see it expand further.


Thank you! That helps me make some decisions as far as pacing goes. Looks like there's quite a bit for content yet.
My last question is, would you be alright if I post any and each episode I make here? If the game is that long, I'll likely have about 4-5 episodes if I commit all the way through. Just released part 2 now.

Working on episode 2 right now. I'm wondering how far does the demo currently go? I've gotten as far as Primadonna at the moment.
The story is really intruiging so far.

Looking forward to seeing this little gem develop. So far its an interesting game that hits on some quality moments so far.
I really hope this game goes far!

I had lunch. It was noisy. Fun simple little game. Good job! 

You're welcome! Making the game takes effort and love, regardless of how it comes out. You made a story with yours and did something interesting with it. Keep making games and never stop creating!

Decently so, your's is definitely one of the better Chungus games out there!

The Irony of this game is not lost on me after I decided to record it and post on Youtube. This was actually a nice little story and feels like the right ending to this meme.

Yup. Played this game. And many others. CHUNGUS!

You guys got me pretty hard with this concept of a game. Struck a little close to home for me since I have a wife and son. So I can place myself in these shoes a bit...
Seriously, kudos to the developers. You did a good job.

I really enjoy game concepts like this. It would be fantastic to see you expand upond this idea. It'd also be a great idea to find a way to make it so you can make the protagonist not die throughout the game and add an additional alternate ending to your story for any player that manages it. I think this would be a great full scale game if given some polish and continued. Would love to see a full story.

You can watch my experience and some of my shared thoughts here:

I am pleased you didn't find it too cheesy. 😆🐮🐮🐮

Short game. One good spook. After that I had some beef with it and had to milk it for all the udderly good moo-ving jokes.

I hoofed it out as fast as I could. You can spot me leaving the meatlocker below. ;D

My hat. In the ring. Because I needed Perfection.

Really interesting little game. Would love to see more of this evolve into a story.

My reaction for anyone interested:

Played this last week before the newest update. Solid game concept, I love the mad dash aspect of it. Could use more stuff to make it more immersive. Like story notes and different problems. This can definitely be a solid horror game with more content since this is a great starting point for a horror character. Feels a bit like SCP in a way.

Here's my spin on it if you want to see:

Good concept. Good execution so far. There needs to be more to do for sure and the A.I of the Doctor could use more polish but this Demo has the atmosphere down. It really creates an excellent mood and I hope to see you push this further.

Here's my take on it if you'd like to see:

Brilliant little game. Would love to see the world expanded on. Has a really nice Little Nightmares feel to it while still being something of it's own. Good job Devs. :D

My play on it:

I enjoyed this. Pretty good demo concept, even if I've seen the format before.
I feel like the teddy bear mechanics should be expanded on though. Other then that, looking forward to what you can put together with this. It's definitely off to a strong start and I'd love to see the full story one day.

I have a tendancy to add voices during my gameplay. So while you did have that wonderful teddy bear voice in game...I sort of, expanded on it in my own way.

Attached is my run on this game if you want to see another guy fool around with your game.

Ya know. I do voice acting. I can help you out in that department if you need it. ;D
This project looks good enough I'd be happy to donate the time when I can between work. I like what you've built and think it's something worth doing.

Heads up, this is my Youtube Channel:

I can help on the robot voice as well as other normal stuff.  It'll be crisp, clean audio. Not amatuer quality.
Let me know if you're interested.

Looks nice, seems really interesting. Could definitely use a slower response with the mouse and some voice acting but this looks great so far.

Great horror game. Well done mechanics and fun story set up. I enjoyed this even though the 4th night was a bit tough to beat. Keep making games!

If you want another video to see the reaction to, here's mine:

I took this literally and shrunk myself along with the game in my video. Brilliant game mechanic.
You guys made something smart and fun here.

This was a really cool demo. Didn't seem like there was much to do, but damn, was it ever well made. Loved how you made Rexy look. It really worked.

You can see my lovely reaction here if you want another gander at someone screaming while being eaten. xD

I beat it, and it was actually a really nifty concept! If you want to check out my reaction to it you can see it here. Good job on this game!

Lovely little game. I kind of interpreted this as a squatter though. Up until the love story was introducted... xD
Here's my take on it:

Loved the game for the hilarity of it.  You might be bored of watching people stand in line all day but I added a new twist to your ending. Might be worth looking into. ;D


This was a brilliant idea for a game. You guys did well with making a simple idea into fun ride. It's actually a lot of fun trying to match speeds like this. Also was a lot of fun realizing I'm a crappy pilot. I think my crew hates me...

Hey Darrel and Nick! You made an awesome little game with a brilliant concept. I hope you guys make more stuff like this in the future. You did really well with playing up the paranoia concept and it served well here.

Fantastic work. I may have added my own paranoia into it.
All the best, keep making games guys!

- Jack