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So Andrea, i said in this video that i was sick so i couldn't record but i'm back now.

10 nights? for real? why that number though?

It's kind of unique to make this and FNaF different from each other, so Andrea i had yet another great time recording this. It's great work you do, for real man.

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy the video like i enjoy your games! Bye!


So, there are 14 nights actually. And it's not a FNAF based or inspired game.
The basic fact that you must go through a number of nights being careful about an upcoming threat is purely coincidental.
Believe me, it was not meant to be compared associated to the FNAF brand.
Otherwise I would have called it "14 Nights at -something-".
That surely would have made it a "click-bait" hit.
I simply didn't want to attract the wrong gamers at the risk of disappointing them.
This game has very little to share with a FNAF game. In fact, the story (in both the dialogues and the dreams) is tightly connected to the nights passages. In TCBTW is the dream the most important thing of the night, not just the survival aspect as in any FNAF game, in which you're usually awake all the time.
There's an underlying subconscious plot that's very easy to miss if you play this game as a FNAF clone.
It's something more complex than it seems to be. And this is the main reason why all the levels are replayable even after beating the game.
I want to help you understanding the plot, leaving here something to think on after you'll beat the game (skip the list below if you don't want any spoiler):

  • Some quite serious events happened before your current situation.
  • The key elements of those events are scattered throughout the dialogues and dreams.
  • Something outside the "active" game structure is lurking through the stains.
  • Keep in mind that emerald can also be a name.
  • Where's the knife? Where did you find it? Is it involved with the above-mentioned events?
  • You're not dead. You're the only one still alive.
  • Who has put "something" underground?
  • Whose is the corpse?
  • Some dreams are just symbols, some other are real existing places.
  • What's the connection between you and the doctor?
Hope this will dispel any doubt about the game's nature.
Thanks for the new video. That's surely some dedication! ;)

Oh, now that makes sense. Thanks man!