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Story old as time, QA team learning to code out of necessity :)

Teleporting sometimes sends you out of bounds (imagine!). That happened to me in the endgame three times, till i figured out how to ( state.player state.player.x 1000 #nil) to get back in bounds.

Fennel looks fun, I might give it a go sometime.

Interesting to see more folks using (i know it from sway stuff). Small world!

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Oh man! I knew it was possible to teleport out of bounds because my kids did this during play testing, but they had to work pretty hard at it (like twenty teleports in quick succession) to get off the map, so I didn’t think it would be possible to trigger by accident. Well, hope it didn’t mess up your experience too much. Nice job finding how to get back!

Edit: this bug has been fixed!

Definitely hop on #fennel on Freenode IRC if you do give it a try.

We’re hoping to release a “special edition” later with a couple more bugs squashed and a few extra features, so thanks for the heads up.