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This is the second game jam I've taken part in, and the first I've actually developed a working game for. The first time I'd just collaborated on a game design document rather than make something playable. I knew as soon as I saw the page on the front of that I'd have to participate just from the premise alone, so I made an account and joined as quickly as possible.

It's the first time I've pushed myself to make an actual game within such a short space of time, and to be honest, I really enjoyed it. There were struggles of course, mostly due to silly mistakes in code, but I felt satisfied having a working game by the end of the jam. I think the biggest issue I ran into was my sleeping schedule being a complete mess, although thanks to the event it's been corrected a fair bit.

Thanks for hosting the jam Yukon W. I hope you end up hosting it again next year, because I'll (hopefully) be the first one signing up!