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Hello BlackOreoCookie!

The AI is a little bugged in the current version. Sometimes dropping the item and picking it back up will get them to take it from you. Also, after leaving the shop, sometimes they'll run around in circles forever. When they do this, no new customers will show up (only one customer at a time currently). You can usually unstick the broken customers by pushing them around. With the timers, they get shorter every game day. So you start with over 150 seconds on day one, but after about 15 days you'll only get about 30-45 seconds. Lastly, Dasius has said that the blueprint is currently incorrectly representing the ingot total for making items so in the meantime here are the recipes:

  • 1 ingot = small (dagger) blade only
  • 2 ingots = one handed sword blade OR one handed hammer head
  • 3 ingots = greatsword blade OR greathammer head

Happy Smithing!

Thank you! :)