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Thank you! :)

I read somehwere earlier in this thread that you can try to rotate them out of the workbench. It worked for me :)

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Customers seem to not be able to take my Great Swords. I hold it to their faces but their clock just runs out and they walk away as if I never made the sword. Only happens with Great Swords. It also kept happening after several restarts.

I'm also wondering why the time is so short now. I'm at lever 5, and the most time I get to make a weapon is 60 seconds. That's not enough when I need to make a Great Sword or a Great Hammer. Making other items gives me 5 seconds to spare at the most. Is this just a higher level issue? Because it's starting to annoy me a bit. I've begun making weapons before hand, and just handing them over whenever customers come in, which is also unhandy since I can't predict what they want. I could be sitting with 3 Great Swords when the customer gives me 50 seconds to make a Great Hammer. This also clashes when I need to order new supplies.

There are also moments when nobody comes in for a very long time. Opening and closing my shop seems to fix that and draw new cstomers. One time I had no customers for 2 days! (or maybe this is just a good reflection of reality :p)

Another thing, the instruction blue prints show that you need 2 ignots to make a great hammer, while in reality you need 3. For a small hammer you need 2, while the blueprints say you need 1. This doesn't change, even when I change the shape of the ignot on the anvil. Using just 1 ignot will result in a small dagger blade.