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lolol I get that a lot about my username xD

lol I was so worried for a second that you'd be rolling your eyes at my humongous post and be all like, 'Man, another critic,' because unfortunately I tend to get a little wordy lol :>

I'm actually so pumped for your next game (gore and all lol c:); also about those epilogues you mentioned *cue fangirl squealing*. I'm going to try to go for Rama's good route later this week, because intense and as 'feels'y as he is, I have to see some sort of happiness for the little rascal. ^^" (He is kinda PMSy, but like in the good way. xD ...Maybe all he needs is a good chocolate bar and everything will be better).

I know I hashed this enough, but thank you again for this game, your characters are already finding their way in my sketchbooks lol :) I'm glad I was able to make your day all those days ago with my review lol, we writers need that sort of boost!! (*level up*) :D If you need anyone for editing or testing or any sort of writing brainstorm ideas or anything, please feel free to shoot me a message or anything. :) I'd love to help your beautiful masterpieces come to life somehow - since I'm clueless myself to programming and can't bring my own ideas into VN form, might as well help others, right? :D :D


Thank you again for bringing this into the world. :D

Now go have a fantastic day~ xD


Naww, I like critiques~ Gimme moreeee *u* lol. I'm pretty masochistic about this *cough*

Ohhh! I look forward to hear what you think about Rama's good end >< 50:50 percentage of people saying it's satisying and not so far :"D

If you get stuck, check out the walkthrough in lemmasoft forum! His route is the most tricky of them all.

Also, thanks for your offer <3 I'll message you if I need someone to proofread my script :"3 it will need a certain lv of commitment though.

And you're very welcome! <3