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lolol I get that a lot about my username xD

lol I was so worried for a second that you'd be rolling your eyes at my humongous post and be all like, 'Man, another critic,' because unfortunately I tend to get a little wordy lol :>

I'm actually so pumped for your next game (gore and all lol c:); also about those epilogues you mentioned *cue fangirl squealing*. I'm going to try to go for Rama's good route later this week, because intense and as 'feels'y as he is, I have to see some sort of happiness for the little rascal. ^^" (He is kinda PMSy, but like in the good way. xD ...Maybe all he needs is a good chocolate bar and everything will be better).

I know I hashed this enough, but thank you again for this game, your characters are already finding their way in my sketchbooks lol :) I'm glad I was able to make your day all those days ago with my review lol, we writers need that sort of boost!! (*level up*) :D If you need anyone for editing or testing or any sort of writing brainstorm ideas or anything, please feel free to shoot me a message or anything. :) I'd love to help your beautiful masterpieces come to life somehow - since I'm clueless myself to programming and can't bring my own ideas into VN form, might as well help others, right? :D :D


Thank you again for bringing this into the world. :D

Now go have a fantastic day~ xD


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First off...
I literally almost started crying like .5 minutes ago because I realized that I just finished nearly all of the routes and I really don't know what I'm going to do with my life now because NUSANTARA! >.<

-Which bachelor you like the most? and why?
So, first off...your characters. Absolutely beautiful, I loved them all, from the MC and her spunky quirkiness - I personally connected with the MC on a spiritual level lol xD - to the side characters to the bachelors. Frick, I wanted more, so much more, because they were all so frickin amazing! If I had to choose one bachelor, however...I would have to settle with Mitra.
*Mitra :: 12.521343/10 Overall my absolute favorite, and that's saying something. I'm usually all over the tsundere or cold, aloof types, definitely not one for the sweet, loving gentleman. And to be honest, I was really surprised that not many liked him as much - Reksa and Rama ranking the highest, although Reksa looked like he took gold with Rama a close second xD He had both weaknesses and strengths that came across to me as I was playing, whether you intended them to or not, and a lot of those strengths were also some of his weaknesses. I'd keep going, but being a writer, I could write my fingers raw discussing these points and all the character development. Also, his story was light, sweet, and engaging, I literally played it for like...2+ hours straight?
*Reksa :: 8/10 Really enjoyed Reksa's story, probably my favorite route due to the story itself and the insight we got on the Komodo tribe and culture. I really loved your Avians and fell more in love with learning about the Komodos too. I wasn't the biggest fan of Reksa himself - although the level of sexuality in this route was considerably higher than the other ones, I didn't mind that c: -, as I thought he was a little too forceful and pushy, too bossy. He also felt a little sexist, constantly calling you woman when he was irritated you or stressed or whatever, and I wasn't all over that. Although I did think I got a sort of feel that the Komodo tribe seems to value men over women, so that sort of sexist behavior could be explained through that sort of cultural outlook? Maybe?? Lol maybe I just imagined it????? xD (Again, it's that author thing, I read too in between the lines sometimes) Again, I loved Reksa's route a ton, and his possessiveness of the MC might/kind of/sorta/maybe have been hot. Maybe. :> Plus, I keep forgetting to mention, your CG's and GUI's and every other piece of artwork is simply beautiful~
*Rama :: 5/10 *shiver* Oh my Rama. Rama, Rama, Rama...I love dark and heavy material, it makes one think and it takes one to the edge of feeling but...holy crap Rama was messed. I found his character to be incredibly intriguing, although mentally unstable and unpredictable. His route terrified me, mostly because I accidentally got the bad ending at 11 at night and just stared, mouth agape with a high-pitched whine, as he...did...what he...did...in that bad ending. *double shiver* He was incredibly interesting though, and I'd love to know more about him. I'm sure he has an incredibly intriguing backstory; lol like I keep saying, I'd love to know more about him - and now I can't stop wondering what Ayu and his twin look like, or at least, how you'd design them.

OVERALL, YOUR BACHELORS WERE 15/5, THEY WERE SO FRICKIN AMAZING, I APPLAUD YOU!! *cue raucous applauding and fangirl screaming*

-What makes you consider to play this game?
The art interested me. The art and the 10,000 downloads I saw when I clicked on this game's synopsis. I was like, 'Well, it can't be all that bad then'.
And then.
The wings.
I've got a thing for shirtless men with wings and skirts. xD
And then at some point, it became the bachelors and story that hooked me, and I've been addicted ever since.

-Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most?
I still can't believe it's over. Sigh.
This VN was phenomenal, and believe me, I've played quite a few. Absolutely wonderful, a 5/5, 10/10, 5 stars, two thumbs up, a Nobel Peace prize winner and a candidate for the Grammys.
The elements that stand out the most...frick, all of them. The artwork was fantastic and simply marvelous, what more can I say there? The characters were so real for me, that I actually felt for a brief second that, yeah, they're like a 2d virtual family, what the heck? And the story? Wonderfully unique and intriguing. The Indonesian culture was a very nice way to spice it up, really added some wonderful cultural aspects that I just ate up. Also, your design of their distinct societies - the Komodos and Avians - was incredibly innovative, I just loved it! I was disappointed that there weren't anymore bachelors because honestly, you wrote everything so well, I wanted more to play through~ xD Plus, the music. THE MUSIC.

-Do you have any question or constructive critiques?
What are your plans for coming back to this world? Will you be making a sequel, or are you considering it? Because I'd be all over that. Also...epilogues or spin-off stories or...or something for our feathery bachelor friends, you've gotta have more in the works. Right??? :)
Regarding constructive critiques...I'd simply have someone go over the text one more time. :) You did a fantastic job, though, there were only a few grammatical and verb conjugation errors.

-Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it?

P.S I may or may not want to create a tumblr for headcanons now?? You've literally ruined my life, but thank you, thank you for doing so c: