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Hello! Love hex tiles in strategy games. Your style is really nice: clean and expressive!

I’m learning game dev with pico-8 and didn’t find any exemple of using hex tiles, so I wrote something myself :) Here’s the first result of what I did:

2.5 pico8 tiles per hexagon seemed a lot at first, but the result looks great and quite readable even at small resolution. I have tried tiling without empty pixels between: more tiles fit on screen but it’s a little less readable; I may try editing the hexagons to give each one a full color border. (When I have a proper demo cart I will add a link here!)

Thank you for creating this tileset and making it available!


Sorry for such a late response, I’m amazed that you were able to actually put these in Pico-8. :O It looks great and I hope to see that cart in-action some day. :)