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Thanks to everyone for reporting their issues and your work on resolving (or trying to resolve) them, Loren. I seem to have encountered a bug where if I load a map no avatar is generated. I'll try loading other maps and see if it's a consistent issue. I'm using Firefox 44.0. ...update: It appears to be a consistent issue.

Also, is there any difference between http://vacuumflowers.com/dd/editor.html and http://vacuumflowers.com/gardener/? These are the URLs I'm going to to make my test maps and getting no avatar when loading them to play.

I should perhaps also note that the map is smaller on those URLs than it is here (maybe two or three times smaller) -- http://lorenschmidt.itch.io/dungeon-decorator -- although the smoothness/responsiveness is better. Is the relative smallness intentional?

thanks for letting me know about the avatar issue. did you place a player when you were in the editor, or were you playing using the one automatically placed?

re: differences-

yes, i've been updating the version at vacuumflowers.com/dd/editor.html quite frequently, and i've been updating the one here on itch.io only when i have more major builds.

thanks again for the bug report!