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When I put together onehanded swords they sometimes get stuck in the workbench, making me lose out on my money and blocking the workbench. cant remove them

I read somehwere earlier in this thread that you can try to rotate them out of the workbench. It worked for me :)

Correct, when an item gets stuck in the workbench, follow these steps to unstick it:

  1. Grab and hold the item with the Right Mouse Button (RMB)
  2. Continue holding the RMB and Press Alt (or Alt+Ctrl) and move the mouse around to rotate the item.
  3. While still holding Alt (or Alt+Ctrl) release the RMB - The item should remain in your grasp in the orientation you rotated it to
  4. At this point you can drop the item by releasing Alt (or Alt+Ctrl) or grab the item again with RMB

Happy Smithing!