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I've been enjoying the jam quite a bit for the same reasons as Papercookies, I'm just getting what resembles what I'd imagined in my head and rolling with it.

My overall idea was a minigame/microgame endurance style project made with GameMaker: Studio. It's been coming along pretty well so far, with the only real issues I've hit (besides one error I managed to fix by pure luck) being caused by my own silly mistakes or oversights.

I have cheated in a way though, using the built in sprite editor within GameMaker to achieve transparency on the JPEGs that needed it. I feel bad for doing it, but for some of the objects in my game it just wouldn't have been possible to keep transparency away. One example of this is bubbles rising from the bottom of the screen that the player has to pop. The bubbles sometimes overlay each other, which would be even more difficult to see if there was no transparency around the circle shape.

Teaser for one of my more fleshed out minigames/microgames