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Aaah, I remember!
They're also my favourite routes! Kyrie with his snarky comments and the Tsundere Caesar~ *I'm a sucker for white haired men *cough* so I guess we're on the same boat x'D

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White hair = kryptonite, you better do some game with a white-haired character -_-


I'm trying to but my standard is high >< 
I need to think of a good story deserving of white haired characters--or maybe I'm just afraid, most white haired characters I like ended up dead ^^;

Anyway... don't you notice that there's a semi-white haired guy in Bermuda? *hint*hint

I just saw a picture of him, don't recall seeing him on the game tho.


Yup, the demo doesn't include him yet~ ^.^ look forward to it!