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I gotta say that this game had more of an impact than Back When in my personal opinion. Perhaps the fact that I love mermaids has something to do with it but honestly, I truly wish it was longer, there's not many games about mermaids out there and this one could have a longer story for sure, even tho I think the way it ended is great, it's not hard to figure out what's going on while reading it but I didn't expect the daughter to be aware as well, so the question she made at the end was a great twist. May I ask how did you come up with this VN? Did you have any particular inspirations? I'm genuinely curious about your creative process.

Seems like a cool game but it's unplayable. I can only navigate through the main menu with W, S and spacebar keys for some reason, my mouse cursor just flickers in and out of screen so I can't use it and after the game starts, the camera is fixed upwards and keeps rotating.

Heyyy, pretty sure you don't remember me, I'm a huge fan of Legend of the Winged ones and I can't wait to see Bermuda Triangle, I was here when you first announced it but I got so caught up with life that I didn't accompany the development, I can't wait to see the final game tho ^.^ thinking on replaying the first game 

I haven't been here in 2 years, i'm so proud ur almost done *cries

lol get a life

Great game but too short :(

I am completely lost on mystery of the frost

Can't download

I'm glad that everything is fine!

Hey i just started wondering, will there be any mythical creatures on the game? .-. Aside from Arya turning into a giant beast

I just saw a picture of him, don't recall seeing him on the game tho.

Are you looking for people to help on translation?

Awesome! I love it <3 very nice character, the games looks good and i'm dying to know more about the story.

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White hair = kryptonite, you better do some game with a white-haired character -_-

Well but do you remember Caesar and Kyrie?  Caesar is trying to kill ya and Kyrie is an asshole (Arya, are u there?) but guess what, i like them :)

I told you before that i like the bad boys, can't help it ;;--;; Have you ever played Ozmafia?

I need Arya ;-; i'm glad that ur feeling better <3

Stay safe! <3 i have too much stuff to do for college, hope your days are going better :)


Where are u from? oh i forgot to mention that my fav so far is Arya, why am so into the bad and arrogant boys? ;;;-----;;;

That image of Maya and Tamara is so cuuuute :3

Finally i finished the game and i'm pretty excited to the next one. I can tell that you're working harder on Bermuda Triangle. Tbh, i think Mitra's route was a little boring, i'm not against the shy ones but he was waaaay too shy. Rama kind of scares me but i still love him and Reksa... well, not much to say except GODDAMN HOW HOT CAN HE BE? My favorite route is definitely his.

It bothers me that Rama dies in every route except his own

Yay! I'm so excited!!!

I'm really positive i saw Luna walking around somewhere

I enjoyed the story, i didn't finish the game to be honest, i watched a gameplay on youtube cause the fields were very boring to me and i really hate playing with a timer on my back. I hope there's a sequel cause the story has a few holes in it, i didn't found out why she's in a hospital sadly, i know there's a hint but i couldn't figure it out.

My game crashed when Luna was about to get the moon painting, not a big deal since it was normal after i opened the game again but i just wanted to let you know.

(Did Luna get out of a military base or something?)

It's a black screen to me , i can't play it

i really enjoed the demo, i can already tell this game will be amazing 💙