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This game looks absolutely stunning! I love the art, and I love the atmosphere. Clearly a lot of effort and love has gone into the set design.
However, I found the lack of instructions a bit confusing. The UI prompts shows up eventually, but I would personally have liked a more clear set of controls and goals from the get-go, so that I could have gotten right into the action, instead of spending time guessing buttons.

That being said - I totally love where this is going, and I am definitely gonna keep my eyes pealed for an updated build.

With a tiny bit more attention to UI and general communication with the player, I think this game has the potential to be absolutely brilliant. : D
(If you want more elaborate feedback, or need more playtesting, let me know.)

- A last-year graduate. : )

Thank you so much for the feedback! Rest assured I'll address all of this! 

I really appreciate it :)