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I absolutely adore this game concept! The art is great. The sound design and homemade music is insanely cool.

Not gonna lie - it's challenging! (Took me a couple of times before I completed the first mission. And when I did, it involved a lone-survivor chicken and a gunfight. Epic!)
But the game is hard in a way that's fair, and it only pumps me up to actually put the time in, and beat it.
Satisfying failure is something that is so rare in games, and I think this one nails it. It feels like a game that's easy to understand, but hard to master. Which is what we love!

Loved it, and can't wait for more levels and more content! : )

Really cool concept, and I genuinely enjoyed the super high speed of the gameplay!

I really applaud you for using an emergent narrative: Someone is dead, and we are angry - we don't need to know who or why. The player can fill in all that information themselves and therefor get really emotionally invested - Great move and really well done!

Really cool concept. I bet it would to brilliantly on moblie! : )

I absolutely adore the concept of this game! Reinventing narrative games in any way is so hard, so to see a completely new concept like this is super super refreshing.

Given the extreme emotional context of the premise, I did find it a bit odd that the protagonist was so ready to just completely swap out his emotional state. But I really applaud you for experimenting with something so new. It's a rare thing to see!

Also, the game looks absolutely stunning. You really nailed the vibe. : ) I had a blast playing.

Very cool concept! I like the unusual setting. Some of the character writing (especially when Colt tells himself to remember his training) is really charming and characteristic too.
Bonus-points for choosing a gender-neutral name for Sam! <3 Loved it!

Hey Jack! I'm an LCC graduate from last year. : )
First of all - I am genuinely really impressed with how well the game plays. The Game Feel is super on point, and the drifting feels natural. Thumbs up for ultra-simple controls. The camera works great too - very natural and didn't get in the way even once, which is so rare for games like this. Just really fun to play.

I do have a few things for you to think about, though. 
As said, I really like what you have done with the game feel, but I think a few things could be added to really take it over the top. I would love a bit of screen shake, when you are all the way side-ways, or when you hit the destructibles. Maybe some added particle effects and dust too, to just really give the collisions that sense of oompf! I agree that this is probably the one biggest selling point of the game, so I would love to see it taken way over the top!

The one thing I was missing the most was audio.  Tire-screeching and beefy destruction-sounds would bring the fun up a TON, I think. That being said, I respect that LCC leaves you very pressed for time, so I understand if this is pretty low on the to-do list. : )

In terms of the UI - I would probably swap the text of the "Fuel Zone" for an icon that's quick and easy to recognise - especially in movement.

Once again, these are all just observations and suggestions. I genuinely enjoyed playing your demo, and I'll be keeping an eye out for an updated version. : )

// Amalie.

This game looks absolutely stunning! I love the art, and I love the atmosphere. Clearly a lot of effort and love has gone into the set design.
However, I found the lack of instructions a bit confusing. The UI prompts shows up eventually, but I would personally have liked a more clear set of controls and goals from the get-go, so that I could have gotten right into the action, instead of spending time guessing buttons.

That being said - I totally love where this is going, and I am definitely gonna keep my eyes pealed for an updated build.

With a tiny bit more attention to UI and general communication with the player, I think this game has the potential to be absolutely brilliant. : D
(If you want more elaborate feedback, or need more playtesting, let me know.)

- A last-year graduate. : )

Thank you so much for playing, Kimmy!
I absolutely loved seeing your experience with the game! : )

This was absolutely brilliant!
It's so hard coming across good horror comedy, but you did it beautifully. Love the writing.

I enjoyed this far to much! So innovative, and so playful! Thanks for making it. : )