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Version 0.0.72

#1 - GAME BREAKING: Does not seem to affect blades, only hammer heads, but works with great hammers, one handed hammers, and polearm hammers - pushing a cooled hammer head into a pile of grips turns every one the head touches into a sellable hammer! It only graphically adds the hammer head onto one of the grips, the rest of the pile will still visually be plain grips, but they can all be accepted by customers as fully made wares.

#2? - Not sure if this is a bug, or just mislabled. Skill point reset line says "Daily Reset Points" but as far as i can figure out, you only get one ever. I reset all my points into agility so that I could explore the map at less of a crawl, expecting to be able to change them back the next day. Was then permanently stuck with all my points in agility; and none in my other categories.

#3 - With 5 points in agility, I noticed no difference in speed whatsoever.

#4 - Saving and loading a game breaks down all pre-made items back into lone grips, guards, and heated blades/hammer heads

#5 - Sometimes when loading into the game, graphics are all messed up. The screen is nearly black, with only the heated blades and heads strewn about the shop glowing through the darkness. Going into graphics and pushing 'reset' kinda fixes this, but makes everything look washed out.

you will love 0.0.73 :)

1) was fixed, definitely!

2) is new to me, I never tried to reset more than once :D

3) yeah dasius said that this is a veeeery minor change

4) this was fixed in #73

5) yeah this has been fixed somewhat around #72 - my way of fixing it once for all was:

* enter game, fix graphics settings

* ender sandbox, fix graphics settings

* enter shop mode, fix graphics settings

Since then everything was settled :)