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Ah, yes... let me pay 6 bucks for a Japanese game which I can't even read. That seems like a good idea (sarcasm)... If you post games on a mostly English platform like itchio, at least make an effort to translate it so most of the people here could also enjoy it. Just saying...

Well, some people on itchio read Japanese, but there may be less  than I thought, unfortunately.


It's not a bad place to sell your games, however you would get more customers with an English translation. Most of the Japanese speaking and reading people will buy it on sites like dlsite and not look for such games on itchio.

It's been 4 months, so I felt like it's a good time to ask.

Do you have an English patch/translation for this?


Thank you, but  there are no plans about translation.
The next project will support English.
Best regards.