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So I saved a part in the game that I knew I was gunna get screwed on, so before I did it I saved it and did the thing I was going to so which involved taking alchohol, well everything went fine because I was going to get someone drunk and well that worked so I got frank to beat up patrick again and he was in another room not lookin at me and I took the jack daniels and he says he saw me, well I load up that last save and he said the same thing to me and the only thing that had changed was where I was in the house. Everything via the fighting and the topless girl were still a thing and ended up getting beat up. Please fix this because I had a decent amount of progress and now its lost.

Yes, I'm aware there are a few issues with the saves. I am ironing them out for the next version. Remember, this game is early access and is still in development!