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So I saved a part in the game that I knew I was gunna get screwed on, so before I did it I saved it and did the thing I was going to so which involved taking alchohol, well everything went fine because I was going to get someone drunk and well that worked so I got frank to beat up patrick again and he was in another room not lookin at me and I took the jack daniels and he says he saw me, well I load up that last save and he said the same thing to me and the only thing that had changed was where I was in the house. Everything via the fighting and the topless girl were still a thing and ended up getting beat up. Please fix this because I had a decent amount of progress and now its lost.

Heres an idea; I would love to see a game mode like team death match, except you don't respawn. So basically last team standing but you can take control of characters on your side. And maybe for that game mode have an option to keep bodies of vehicles and soldiers from despawning. I feel like that would be fun and add to the realism of a battle field.