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1. Web Version

2. The notes moving backwards happened on random levels and instrument. The notes getting stuck happened on the last level.

3. The backwards notes happened most of the time. I've only gotten the notes getting stuck a few times on the last level

4. 8 GB RAM, 144 GB free Storage, 238 GB total Storage (I'm using a Dell laptop)

I feel like this didn't help.

Hmmm ok, thanks for helping out~ I appreciate it :) Yeah it's a little tricky to figure it out from that. Could you also maybe let me know which browser you are using please? I'm going to be doing some larger scale testing sometime soon, so I might be able to figure out what is happening when I do that.


I'm using Edge. Does that help?

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Maybe! Thanks :) 

I haven't tried it on Edge before. I'll try it on Edge if I can get hold of a windows computer. I had some problems with Edge for another web game I built, so it could be due to that. If you wanted to play the game again, I'd recommend doing it on chrome, if you have that installed.

eh, too lazy to download chrome and every time I downloaded it was pretty slow

needless to say, I'm impatient

the good part is that I can still keep playing the game, which is good!