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nvm i misread your post

what i will need is walking animation and sword swings. hows that for a start

Well, I could certainly animate that. But I'd have to know what sort of style/size/colors/pose/character/speed/basically everything that you want.

is it possible to send an image here because i can send the current sprite i have to you and it has the size next to it ans shows you the color of the character

Great. Just upload the image to a place like imgur and send the link of the image.

https://twitter.com/megamrzman this is my twitter.

i have put up the first image

i\he is redrick.

Yeah, that works. Should he walk/attack to the side or facing the "camera"?

walk faceing camera

attack faceing the side

Ok then. I'll tell you when I get it done.

thanks. i'm hoping to get a good artist to help me so you may need to animate the same thing again.

unless you can become my artist? of course ill pay you but from what you said earlier you said your not good with pixel art so.

maybe things can work out

Well, if you want I can show you a few examples of my work and you tell me if you think I'm suitable. I'd love to help out in any way I can.