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walk faceing camera

attack faceing the side

Ok then. I'll tell you when I get it done.

thanks. i'm hoping to get a good artist to help me so you may need to animate the same thing again.

unless you can become my artist? of course ill pay you but from what you said earlier you said your not good with pixel art so.

maybe things can work out

Well, if you want I can show you a few examples of my work and you tell me if you think I'm suitable. I'd love to help out in any way I can.

go ahead

Here are some examples of my pixel art:

http://imgur.com/4LkjsuQ http://imgur.com/DKTnFch http://imgur.com/PmJ19Bj http://imgur.com/BIBnU1u http://imgur.com/Wv7rR5H

And here are some examples of my animations:

https://gyazo.com/c8682b3d688ea5762c65f26862f2b9ac https://gyazo.com/f73b8368edf524c00796341ab2ed3c06 https://gyazo.com/b6994fdd73705a6869f8890248d72c18 https://gyazo.com/e4f887c6d577981218a976a1a2d04aba https://gyazo.com/09928678c8ed28909cdbb78af7a9de6f

they look pretty good i guess ill have you do more better pixel art then i can. lol i'm really bad.

Nice. Glad you liked them. Here's the walking animation. https://gyazo.com/2f47a7fc6b609a1c10ed5c4baabe0b6f

wow that looks really good. should i use it now?

Sure. I don't really need to be paid (although I gotta admit it would be neat). As long as you say that it's mine, you can use it for anything.