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I really like this plugin. It's one of a kind. But I was wondering if you would consider adding some features? Well, I say features but all I really would want is the option for the "explored territory" to be drawn in more clearly defined way. The dotted graphics that get painted kind of blend together when you expand what's explored (kind of like an auto-tile), but it doesn't give the player the best visual feedback. I'd love to be able to either add my own graphic in the pictures folder (like I can with the player and object icons). But I'd also settle for something like a grey/transparent square for each explored tile as well.

It wouldn't look super fancy, but it would give the player very good feedback.

Would this be possible?

Also, the plugin readme says: "You must buy a license before using this plugin for any commercial purposes". I bought the plugin here on (for 10$) and I assume that means I have a license but I wanted to ask just to be clear.

Thanks for making this. And thanks for reading all this too!

Hi BearNovels, i am glad that you like them and thank you for supporting my works, that's very meaning ful to me ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁) . You can credit me as master2015hp. Yes, I will add the feature you asked soon.

Great, then “Master2015hp” it is! I do like your work and hope you make many more cool plugins in the future as well.

Hi BearNovels, i've updated the plugin just now, now you can use image to draw map. Please download v1.1 and replace the old .js file with it (remember to refresh the plugin inside Plugin Manager editor for new setting to take effect)

Thank you soooo much! I’ll download and try it out as soon as I’m able to. This is fantastic news for my project!