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Even though too direct for my taste, these events depicted here really happen in real world. I liked attention to detail in graphics like texture and animation (these things are mostly extra for jam games). Some things should be clear though, in Islamic culture hijab is worn not to affect men sexually with hair. Except next to their husband. However as strange as this rule is muslim women are mostly okay with it or their husband being the master because it's their religion. Surprisingly this is not even written in Quran. Some also wear it because it's a tradition or they got used to wearing it.

Not to be misunderstood, I'm okay with whatever thing people want to wear. Just some things actually have functions and not just related to fashion or identity. Like wearing a wedding ring to show that you are married.

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Thank you for sharing and giving some background on the hijab in the context of Islamic culture, which does vary quite significantly around the world.

The game mirrors situations faced by different people on the New York City subway. The choices listed in the game for why a woman might choose to wear a hijab were paraphrased from different answers that Muslim-American women gave on their personal reason for why they choose to wear the hijab, despite the discrimination they faced.

A woman in Iran today would probably have a completely different answer for why she is wearing the hijab in public (e.g. she'll get fined and/or punished if she doesn't). I agree - it certainly is affected by country/laws, religious interpretation, and pressure from society and local culture.