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Pros and cons are down below from my first expression (first hour):

Advantages (from the 1st hour of gameplay with very slow reading):

1. Very interesting idea! It's mysterious, interesting and catchy - I really want to know more! So, the game catches you right off the bat - that is hard to do! Well done!

2. Art style is awesome! I very like it!

3. The characters feel bright! I mean - they are very different from each other and unique. The art style adds a lot to each one of them.

4. Each floor is amazing! I only peaked a bit but I love them! Will definetely play more!!

Disadvantages (from the 1st hour of gameplay with very slow reading):

1. There was a bug when I walked outside for the 1st time - white shadow appeared behind top half of the main hero - you can see that in the vid.

2. The monologues of the main hero feel a bit excessive. It feels like he repeats the info we got over and over again - that frustrates a bit.

3. It's hard to understand the concepts of the battle. Maybe I am stupid and I will get it eventually - but right from the start I feel lack of examples. Maybe it would be nice to add video examples of the things that you explain in the tutorial?

Overall, the game is awesome! As it is still in development, I thought my feedback from the first hour of the game might be useful for the developers. At least, I hope so! If it was useful. I will write another comment after I play some more or finish the demo with different perspective of a person finished the game) Atm 5/5


Hey! Thanks for the reviews! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! 

To address your cons:

1. Yep, that's been addressed in recent beta builds I believe.  Thanks for the report! 

2. Any repetition is just in the interest of making sure nobody gets left behind or confused by the story!  Especially since sometimes people put the game down then come back to it-- I'd hate for them to be lost! 

3. It's a little tricky!  Generally speaking, you win by playing as many right-side-up cards as possible as quickly as possible, and all the tips you need are in the tutorials, which should be read carefully (and conveniently can be re-accessed via the pause menu!)  Alternatively, there is also the 'Rebalanced' difficulty that makes combat a little easier!   I am thinking about putting in some animated examples in the future to be a little more clear, though the updated demo that I brought to conventions has been pretty effective at being less confusing haha

Thanks for the playthrough too!  Will have to check it out sometime