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Final wave was tough even with the minigun. But the thrill I got was great, my heart was beating during that last round.

And ya really can't lewd the loli. Thats fine though, I've been wanting to play a game where I get to shoot stuff. It may as well be zombies, this was a nice April Fools game.


But you can lewd when she grows up ( -_・)

I guess you can if a sequel is made or something.

Now I'm left wondering  what that'll be like, prolly more tougher zombies thats for sure.


You can already do it here if you get the real ending.

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I'll attempt to get the real ending if I feel up for round two.

If you buy all three lewd items in the game, you will get what you want in the ending.

All three? I see, thank you for telling me that