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Good 'cause I really enjoy playing this, when I saw the new name of the game I knew at that moment its gonna be real good

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Is the last remaining two upgrades not implemented into the game yet? I feel like I've done everything there is to do in this 0.42 version but Idk there could be something that I missed.

PS. believe it or not when I say this: that is up to you, but I won't be downloading CPE from anywhere else except here. This is one of the few games that I would like to support its development but can't for the time being

I don't have to start over again with each new version do I? 'Cause back in 0.35 I had to

"Hellish and wild" huh? Should be fun


what Doki comments?

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wait wait wait hold up, there's a HHG poster in LIL?

Third time helping her? I thought it was one time when I did it.... unless things have changed then that'd be a different story

Its neither of them, its just a cowgirl that you can hire to work at the Milk Farm.

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I'm just gonna wait it out until LD+ is either caught up with the original LD or has gone past that point. Its just boring to play it each time a new version comes out but its worth the wait 'cause I really enjoy playing LD+

hmm maybe the whole "saves are incompatible with past versions " thing was for the beta version of v0.1.2

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wait what? the voice for the miho is Projekt Melody's?

Edit: the voice that speaks everytime we have to pick a stage?

Lucy, Rebecca, Fara, Luna, Shino, Evie, Sunny and Leticia

nope you can't use saves from before v0.1.2, everything has been reworked so old saves are not compatible anymore

ya welcome

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New lvls, EXP perks and skill trees?(and other new stuff) Thats my jam right there

If you're asking about the public version it'll be released on November 6

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To get it you need to buy all 3 h scene from the lewd tab and beat the game again but if you already did then ya good

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how the hell do I increase this girl's affection?

Edit: I got this now

You're welcome

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Ahh I see now, did either of you went to the guild to talk it out with the others?

'cause thats what you need to do since the cliff area is not accessible to the player(for now...?), so go to the living room

wait did you look for her during the day or during the night?

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Elizabeth should be in her room in the morning and afternoon if I'm right, Ari should be somewhere at a stair area of the city or you could ask Elizabeth where Ari is.

She IS the MC and Ari's mother after all

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how's your search? did you found the demon lady?

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I think you have to talk to each girl one on one and then go to the Meeting Room in the E place but if you already talk one on one to all 6 girls then thats it I guess

not really sure cuz I'm past that point so I don't remember

Champion of Realms.... I like it!

I already like her with her hair let down but if I had to pick, it'd be the ponytail

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Hm, how did you get the grown her?

edit: nevermind I forgot that I commented about this 6 months ago(lol).

Wouldn't have it any other, figuring out a mystery should be fun

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Have you went to the town? A certain someone wearing a hood told you to go there did they not?(trying to not spoil it for others here)

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I like the new voice for Nina,  still enjoyed playing NALE 2 yet again, got to wreck Chad again until its time for the Legal Stage

Side note: this is odd but why do I feel like I know LIVEWIRE? Its really weird but for the sake of future cases I will not be deducing anything about that person.

In any case I'm still good to solve Case 3

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Its fine I don't really mind, glad this didn't escalated to conflict. As for talking I don't think so, I'm doing fine despite being cooped up. Thank you for the offer though.

Besides if I was you I would care about spoilers too.

Thank you for answering my question and for your time.

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You know you could just not read it. Just saying but fine I'll be careful from now on.

There I removed it, happy now? I'm not gonna say anything more on the matter, it'll only make things worse and the world's current situation has a negative effect on ppl so I rather not spark a conflict anymore than there already is.

Just... don't take this comment the wrong way please. I don't want to deal with any negativity.

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What can I do with the pendant? I've looked everywhere but I couldn't see anything to use it on.

Edit: apparently I missed one key in the father's room. I got True End first try, it was short but I enjoyed playing Find me and I like the title screen music alot. You and this game definitely have potential and I'm looking forward to the next version.

and what do you know, its now the 5th mansion I've stepped in.

You're welcome

That Wire Shot rework is way more efficient than the old one! Old one was indeed kinda boring but I just put up with it 'cause ever since I tried the demo I knew that I'll still follow its development even if I can't afford to buy the latest version and future versions... for now atleast. CPE is one of the few games that I REALLY want to support in its dev but the wait will be worth it.

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Wish I could alas I cannot buy it  for the time being, I enjoy playing LD+ and I would support it if I could.

Thats a very nice description of the true ending