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Hello OP. im not sure if you still check around on this but i had a question: im new to this whole thing and i really wanted to try this. i downloaded it but since my beginner-level i only got the photos to work. im not sure if this is supposed to add some code or not. so, how does this work exactly?

If you followed the documentation pdf file, and you got it working, everything should be fine. The documentation shows all the code-blocks which are added.

well... how do i get the code into my own game then? ive looked around and it says i had to change somethings in the one u gave but how do i add it to my own game code?

You have to use it as a start project and build your game around it. GB-Studio doesn't support copying code to other projects.


ahhh i see. that had me really confused. thank you so much man! and really cool project youve made