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couldnt play as it required controllers and atleast 2 people

not clear if there is another flower after the 2nd one. gets annoying quickly when you get stopped every 2 seconds, best tactic seems to be just shooting at the ground all the time

ahhh i see. that had me really confused. thank you so much man! and really cool project youve made

well... how do i get the code into my own game then? ive looked around and it says i had to change somethings in the one u gave but how do i add it to my own game code?

Hello OP. im not sure if you still check around on this but i had a question: im new to this whole thing and i really wanted to try this. i downloaded it but since my beginner-level i only got the photos to work. im not sure if this is supposed to add some code or not. so, how does this work exactly?