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Hi Ray,You’re great one I used Raylib,And it’s really awesome,But can i ask you?

Q1: My laptop using Windows,But with OpenGL 4.5,With Vulkan support(If i’m not wrong)

Can i recompile Raylib,To use OpenGL 4? Or even older versions of OpenGL,For some compatibility?

Q2: Is recompiling Raylib,To use OpenGL 4 can cause problems?

Best Wishes,Rabia


Hi! Glad you like raylib!

A1-A2: raylib uses by default OpenGL 3.3 on desktop platforms, it can be recompiled to OpenGL 2.1 or even OpenGL 1.1 for older platforms (+20 years old platforms). raylib does not support OpenGL 4+ specific features but if you need some of them, you should implement them.

Thank you!!!