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Amazing game!

Played it until the end and I'm very Impressed by how well polished this game is!

tutorial: The tutorial was good, not annoying and "to the point".

Graphics: I LOOOOOOVEEE the artstyle! Even if it is retro, it's the type of graphics that age REALLY WELL.

Game Design: This is one of the best examples of game design I have seen. The game has a lot of great little Feedback that makes the gives the player enough information to tell what's happening. Like when you are able to hide or when you start to be spotted.

One thing I would add however is giving a feedback when you can disable a robot. I was stuck with that guy

Sound design: Boost the feedback even more

Level design: It is really well made (Better than most games I have played) But I would add some shortcuts that you have to unlock by going trough the level. it was annoying to redo the whole level when I died and I didn't know how the flags worked...

Game over screen: it is funny once but I don't like having to press 100 times left to proceed.  Just my opinion XD

Bugs: I haven't seen any

For those reading this, just give the game a try, it is only 4mb. and if you are still undecided, know that you can steal a cat...

Can't wait for more levels!

PS: I deleted my other post because I accidentally pressed on post too early, my bad. :p 


Hi, thanks for taking the time to play :D
I'll probably be adding to this in the near future, so I'll keep your feedback in mind. About the Game Over screen - once you've seen it before, you can just hit ESC to quickly get out via the pause menu ;)