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Played it until day 12, I really like the graphical style and the soundtrack.
The concept is also neat!

There are some bugs but they are not game breaking, (like no collisions with walls in the church) And I would also make more clear what item will be delivered.

Also put maybe an in-game indication of what you have to do because I  started the game without reading the description. Also, make the main character a bit faster.(or make a run button) add with that some alternate dialogue like "thanks for bringing us the wine" or details like you did with petting the dog (which I think is amazing) and it could be an even better game!

I really liked the game for what I played and loved exploring it. And I am still wondering what that "Spoiler d** Spoiler " is doing in space. It's funny though :D

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Hey Romain thanks for playing and the kind words! I really appreciate your feedback, those are all great ideas. There are definitely a lot of bugs to fix. I thought I fixed the church walls but maybe I didnt compile the right version... ooops! About how long did it take you to play through that far?

Many bug fixes coming soon. Thank you!!!

The first day I played for 7 minutes I think (because I was figuring out what to do). That every day was on average 2 minutes so I think I spend on average 30 minuted. :)

And cool! I look forward for it! Your game has good potential! ;)

And thank you for the experience!