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Thank you, I added some more instructions to the game explanation on itch.

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Hey Romain thanks for playing and the kind words! I really appreciate your feedback, those are all great ideas. There are definitely a lot of bugs to fix. I thought I fixed the church walls but maybe I didnt compile the right version... ooops! About how long did it take you to play through that far?

Many bug fixes coming soon. Thank you!!!

I love this concept, very cool

Hi all, this is the first game I've ever made and it was a really fun experience. I hope you try it and have as much fun exploring the world and meeting the characters as I did making it. 

You are a leader in Little Town. Import items and do quests to gain maintain favor with the clergy, nobles, and peasants. Try and stop the plague from spreading too fast, while you explore the world. 

Each day the trader will give you the option to import 1 of a handful of different items, or nothing. Importing items from farther away might spread more plague, but if your townspeople don’t get what they want they will be very upset and your rule won’t last for long.

And yes, you can pet the dog

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Hi everyone, thanks for checking out my first game! I made an RPG where you are a leader in a town when the plague comes. I hope you have fun exploring the world and meeting the characters. I learned a lot from doing this and it was really fun. I wanted to make a money system and more characters but I've run out of time, I plan to keep updating this. If you find bugs, please let me know