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why you copy stardew vally you aint going to make money of of this

Well truthfully, I believe I am making a game in the same genre as Stardew Valley. There are many games like this after all. Even Stardew Valley is just a copy of Harvest Moon.

In any case, I plan to make Verdant Village more unique from Stardew as time goes by. If you believe this game is a direct copy then I suppose I hope to prove you wrong some day.

As far as money goes, meh, if I don’t make money I guess I don’t make money. More concerned with following a passion than getting rich at the moment.

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Comparing VV to SDV is like comparing 2 Chili recipes, are they both Chili? yes! but each has its own flavour and I really can't decide which is more delicious. SDV has had more time to grow and I love it but I am also extremely interested to see where VV is headed as there are some unique features that are really cool! well done Exodus and I will buy your game :)