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yes i see the symbol on the calendar now


Thank you for fixing the watering bug. I was wondering if there was a way currently in the game to figure out what day of the week it is?  I am guessing the first is always Sunday so I suppose I could figure it out but if I could buy/make a calendar that would be awesome.

so I finished Ranchers Trial finally and that is supposed to unlock the bigger coop and barn, correct? when I go back to simeon the blueprints I have are for the smaller barn and coop only. Am I missing something? 

one more thing when I gathered the items for the silk worm tree house and bought it for simeon, It did not consume the 200 wood, 100 light wood, 10 bronze and 5 iron.... I was able to go home put them back in my chest and have my silk worm tree house too!

Thanks for all you do :)

I am not a game developer but I would like to inject a couple thoughts on the topic of making games people will want to play...

I feel that verdant village (also games like stardew valley, minecraft, etc) are popular for 2 reasons (probably more but this is my opinion hehe)

1. they are not over complicated, its nice to come home from a long day at work or school and be able to jump into a world, play as long or as little as you want, and just log off. I love to play MMO's too but I have to be in the mood for the grind, waiting for groups, putting up with tiring raids, etc.

2. its wholesome content! it is so refreshing to play a game that is light and happy and you aren't overwhelmed with dark themes, violence, and other graphic content.

what exodus was saying about motivation is true whether you are a musician, a game developer, a writer, an artist or any other creative venture, do it everyday! even its for 10mins! As an artist we have exercises every morning like doodling to "warm up" some times I do art all day and sometimes I don't make it past the doodle, but it is about a habit or the practice that helps your progress. I probably only really love 1 out of every 8 drawings I create but I don't get hung up on the end result.

I am excited for you! Enjoy your journey!

I am not insistent, I just wondered :) 

any plans to add Brock in the near future?

oh turns out he finally came home... got to finish my quest :)

okay next time it happens ill get a screenshot. and thank you for the clarification on how the buttons work

So I noticed a new button called stack which seems to have just caused chaos. Before I would use the place all button and it stacked like items from my inventory to the chest and now when I use that button it puts whatever it wants into the chest. The stack button creates stacks that have 0 items.

not sure if that is the way it is intended to work, just my experience.

IMHO it doesn't make sense to skip tier 2... its a progression, but it is your game :)

did you do the quest to upgrade?

me too... ever since I accepted "Natural Insulation" he skipped town and hasn't been open since

Brock has not been implemented yet. What is brilliant is that Exodus has started adding notes to the quests that cannot be completed at this time... make sure to update your game at least once per week to get the latest features.

<--- 100% Canadian too! ya hoser! ;)

ahhhh that would make sense as to why it stopped then :)

I'm kind of hoping you don't do the zombie, skelly, etc path... but that is just me

Update: The ocean IS easier, thank you at least it is now possible! but I see what you mean about pressing the correct keys consistently is more important then going fast now too. I'm going to try in the harder area now :)

last time I played I noticed it doesn't happen anymore

nevermind I finally found them!

okay I'll try at the ocean... maybe I need better reflexes as my son was able to catch a fish after the third try.

Verdant Village community · Created a new topic cow milk

just so you know after building barn and getting a cow I went in to milk it and then I left barn and then I went back in to see if I could hug the cow like you do in StarDewValley  and it gave me another milk... I thought it was just a glitch so I restarted game and found I could leave the barn and come back in as many times as I wanted to get more milk.

I have tried and tried to catch a fish... I finally got through the second bar just to find out there is a third one! at this point I can see me just ignoring this feature however there are quests that need fish :(

my pig has been an adult for a while and I have not seen one yet... do you have a picture? 

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I think you have to do Ben's quest first... he is the farmer

Also you would have to have the iron bars and the gold required

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Comparing VV to SDV is like comparing 2 Chili recipes, are they both Chili? yes! but each has its own flavour and I really can't decide which is more delicious. SDV has had more time to grow and I love it but I am also extremely interested to see where VV is headed as there are some unique features that are really cool! well done Exodus and I will buy your game :)