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it would be nice to see a sniper you know what i would do about making the sniper here's the list

  1. the ammo to the sniper would use the energy bar as ammo
  2. this would have a short cool down time as the weapon may be a powerful one
  3. allow for added variations rather then giving it a scope/zoom at first make it a upgrade
  4. same for the amount of damage it does add a upgrading system for it like exploding bullets, maybe a little too much for a single weapon

your great sword video that i saw, you should add variations for it like the hammer and it's size upgrades and as the size gets bigger it does more damage as well.

then you guys should add things like a grenade

  1. the main grenade itself will be a small explosive radius as well a small delay
  2. add first upgrades as damage increase upgrades
  3. then add upgrades like on contact grenades and acid bombs for melting your enemies metal bit by metal bit
  4. ooh even a plasma bomb, kinda like the spike bomb but using lasers when its explodes

hopes you guys take this into consideration

ooh the bullets can passe through multiple robots

arrows can do that...

but like 5 or 6 or 7 robots

arrows continue until they hit terrain :/

well how about you can taint them so the set you on fire or poisin you or expolde or split into multiple bullets

arrows cant do that huh can they


Doborog can just add tipped arrows :)

good point