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but plus arrows can't explode so i mean that rifle sounds good what do you think

good point

well how about you can taint them so the set you on fire or poisin you or expolde or split into multiple bullets

arrows cant do that huh can they

but like 5 or 6 or 7 robots

ooh the bullets can passe through multiple robots

thats what i said

ooh and a shield

maybe you could add in a small pistol and one automatic rifle

and enemy snipers better than archers but have a long reload

what about land minds

what about a crossbow that uses half a bar of energy or nijia stars how about acid gernades smoke gernades flash bang gernades that paralize the enemy oh yeah a gernade launcher

or drone pets you can use onec a battle that last for like a minute that have little machine guns and the enemys have some to

what about a goliath sword


it is still crashing i was in the elevator i believe forgive me if i was wrong and boom it crashed for the second time could you please fix it thanks

you barely hear it but they said it

i don't understand how spikes and saw blades can kill you when the comentators said that only lasers can


can i use the free version to upload games and make money

well that is dissapointing because i am good with python but it does use javascript which i am kinda familiar with

but thanks Erik

what about an acid gun

a big goliath would be cool and a gernade launcher that launches spidertron bombs

write what you think about it



hey does unity use puthon coding language because i am most fimiliar with that one

i am playing on a laptop

but even though you haven't decided on my offer i will tell you my ideas if you want pls write back

i love the game i will keep it but thanks


here is the link


dude it worked now i just have to download it boom you just saved me from doing hours of coding work

thanks and tell Erik to code on

sighned Eric

cool thanks

how did you create this game because i have been trying to figure out how to create 3d graphics on python but need help

in the future could one of you buy some time to tell me how

THANKS for the tip i will try to figure the rest out

excuse me but how do i do that it sounds silly but how that doesn'tenvolve facebook or twiter


Created a new topic recomendations

heyo peepo giveyo your sugestions for the game here peace

could you add goliath sword a really big sword and a gernade launcher that launches spider tron type of bimbs that would be cool

still trying dude talk later ps could you maybe do video lessons on how to create 3d graphics using python i am a coder to

it might take me a while

shere i could i have a screen recorder i am a youtuber i will send one asap

hey Erik could make video lessons to teach us how to programe 3d python games pls pls I really want to know how to code 3d graphics

sighned Eric

giliath sword and gernade launcher would be cool

hello Erik thanks for such an amazing game nut it continuosly crashes sorry i spelled that wrong please help thanks

singhned Eric