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The latest version of Ubuntu always works for me!

Ok, I tested it inside a virtual machine with Ubuntu 19.10 and there it worked. I also didn't need to install anything.

So maybe it is some kind of missing/wrong-version library in my host system (Arch Linux and Manjaro Linux usually have newer libraries than Ubuntu).

Something that you can enhance in your game: add statistics. How many deaths (maybe even why)? How many of each enemy killed? Playtime total? Maybe (if it exists) playtime per dungeon/chapter/...

This is something, where players could compete with each other ("I have been faster/without deaths/...")

With these statistics you could als implement achievements in the game (like "Monster hunter" - "Killed all enemy types", "I hate slimes!" - "Killed 1000 slimes" and so on). Achievements are a big factor for replaying a game.

But this was just a first thought about your game. I now have to enable the sound in my virtual machine to really play and test it. xD

Nice, have fun man!

Yeah, statistics have to added sooner or later for sure! Steam Achievements haha