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This is a really solid game, thanks for sharing it! Is there any way to get access to the model you used for the stick figures men?

Thanks for checking it out! I made the model myself using Blender. I don't currently have plans to upload it for public download. I encourage you to learn a 3D modelling tool (like Blender) if 3D models are something you are interested in. The stick figure was actually pretty simple to make, so you could probably make one of your own (or perhaps an ever better one) pretty easily if you really wanted.

Okay. Other than just searching through YouTube for tutorials, do you recommend any resources.. right now I'm trying to learn about rigging and creating interesting animation states / blending through them via script.. so I'm trying to find or build a really easy and clean model to practice with. Your stick figures were spot on so I was trying to save the model craft step.. that said, I should learn blender at least on some basic level and this would be a good way to.