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Thanks! If I get some more time/inspiration, I may come back to it. And of course, feel free to record it. And post a link to your video in the comments if you fell like it. I'd love to see other people playing it!

Thanks for checking it out! I made the model myself using Blender. I don't currently have plans to upload it for public download. I encourage you to learn a 3D modelling tool (like Blender) if 3D models are something you are interested in. The stick figure was actually pretty simple to make, so you could probably make one of your own (or perhaps an ever better one) pretty easily if you really wanted.

I know one of the rules is to not work on the game before the jam starts, but is it ok to use pre-made assets?

For example, if I wrote a script for a past project and I find that it might be useful, is it cool to reuse it? What about artwork/audio/other non-code assets?

Also, what about third-party assets (like assets from the Unity asset store)?

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I agree that having a more specific theme would be a cool way to add some creative opportunity as well as a starting point for people who might not have an idea otherwise.

Also, if you wait to announce a theme until the jam starts, then it can help make sure that people are actually working on it during the jam (because you can't really build it all out ahead of time if you don't know the theme).