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hmmm, depends on how much your prepared to do lol ^.^

I really enjoyed the story & I would like more info on the characters. Some background atmospheric music might be cool too. What would BW theme be I wonder........ oh I will send you an email lol I do not want to post any spoilers ^.^

Thanks for the e-mail! I just sent you a reply. :)

It's funny you mention atmospheric music. I put atmospheric music in my IF Comp 2017 entry, The Mouse, and was surprised to find that it got a mixed reception--some people loved it, some hated it. So I've been a little hesitant in implementing music in future games; not to mention, since GIVE IT TIME is a game jam game, music was last on my priority list.

I have been thinking of listing out each character's theme song, though! Finding the perfect one for BW is proving difficult, though. . .