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Majin Vongola

A member registered Dec 16, 2016

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This is cool. Very simple yet satisfying. I would like to see more levels & enemies to fight. Multiple enemies to fight at the same time. Bosses that would require counters. I think this could be a great little title. Maybe some side scrolling?? Good job TreeChicken ^.^

hmmm, depends on how much your prepared to do lol ^.^

I really enjoyed the story & I would like more info on the characters. Some background atmospheric music might be cool too. What would BW theme be I wonder........ oh I will send you an email lol I do not want to post any spoilers ^.^

I really enjoyed the story of Give It Time ^.^ I do hope that it get's an update or a sequel. I am curious to know how this will conclude. Keep up the good work Naomi "Norbez" Z.

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Thank you for the beautiful experience ^.^ I have felt these feelings & this game really made me think about the choices I have made in my life! No small feat for a 12 min game. A small emotional story with a huge impact elegantly portrayed. Great job ^.^