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Good, zany fun for two players. I like the pace and the sail-dodge-shoot-dodge rhythm of the game very much. There is a good variety of upgrades, and the option to ram your opponent out of the water is great when you can pull it off.

It's a small game, so it does not have much replayability - but the few rounds we played were intense and fun!

HP upgrades can cause a bit of trouble - when one player grabs a bunch of those, it's really hard to take the lead back from him/her. Also, an option to turn "ring outs" off would be appreciated, for those that dislike the mechanic - the core shooting gameplay could stand alone.

Thanks Kuba!

Yeah it's a small game, but I'm glad you were able to get some fun out of it :) It became a lot bigger game than I initially planned it to be, but I guess that's normal. Thanks for the feedback, I'll consider it while doing updates for the game. As it goes for multiplayer games it's pretty hard to balance stuff out if you have very limited amount of people to test it with. Some power ups may appear too frequently or be too strong. Like "vampire" perk which is a bit OP I think. I'll gather some feedback and rebalance stuff to make the game a bit more fair :)

All the best!