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Hi! Thank you for your critique =D I'm sorry you were disapointed D: my focus with this game was to explore the parts of the web serie the viwers DIN'T saw, the off-screen parts, thas why the dialogs are rushed and lack explanation, i didn't wanted to take so much of what was already in the show.

I am a huge fan of the book as well! And now you made me wanna do an adaptation of the book! Would you guys wait till next year?

Thank you for your comment, i'm always in to take suggestions ^^v

Of course we can wait! XD I'd like to play an adaptation of the book, even if I the only thing I know abou the book it's that it's about a lesbian vampire. I think I should start reading it :v

It's a great book! BBCradio did various audio adaptations you can find on youtube, and there is the audio book for free at Librivox! My game would have multiple ends cause... reasons u.u