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Of course we can wait! XD I'd like to play an adaptation of the book, even if I the only thing I know abou the book it's that it's about a lesbian vampire. I think I should start reading it :v

This is not a hater's comment, I just tried to make a constructive critique.

Honestly, I expected a better game. I can understand the graphics are just placehoders, but it was quite forgettable for me. Don't think of this as a hater's comment, I think this can make a better game.

I think Carmilla's fans would expect an adaptation of the book - I can tell since my girlfriend is such a big fan of Carmilla, and was really dissapointed to know it was about the web series - and as a reader, I also think it'd be better too.

I don't know if the dialogues are going to stay as they are, but if they do, I suggest more development, as in the story as in the characters, since I didn't actually understand the plot because I found it quite rushed.

Just some suggestions from a VN fan, cheers with the game! I know it can be better.