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Oh! Sorry, for the late response, i didn't got an email about your comment @_@ Glad it worked out =D let me know your thoughts when you finish, I may remake or continue this game this year ^^

Maybe! I'm looking foward to buy RPGMakerMV, till then, windows only D: but i think you can play using a virtual machine /o/

Hi, patcot, if you are having any trouble with the game, please give more detalis.

yes! just replied =D

yes! you can message me on tumblr at carmillarpg.tumblr.com if you dont wanna expose it here /o/

waw, sure! I dont have MV tho D: but i would love to export to MAC and Android +_+


Nice game! Wish there was more =D

This is a very attractive plot. Im in.

Hi! Thank you for taking time to write this comment =D So here we go, english is not my first lenguage, and I apreciate any repport of error, since I posted the demo I got 2 betas! Thank you very much for offer!

This is my first game and i'm doing everything by myself, so this is the first time I'm getting a reaction to any of this, and it's been realy good!

The rushed dialog: i watched every episode and made a general script, it's very rushed cause i was worried about not copy the dialogs to much. Since you are the 2nd person that comment about this I WILL revise the script and think of a way to make things more slow and clear.

The begining of the game is realy boring. I rushed to this part where we leave with LaF to be able to post demo by the Yuri Jam deadline, there will be more action in the game to come. Also I just built extra character to populate the campus, and reviewing some scenarios, they look kinda small, I might rebuild some to make things more explorable...

Laura/Danny is the only route FOR NOW, the game will have 4 ends and will break cannon. I dind't make it a VN because i really wanted to make an RPG and... well, i just really wanted XD

Oh man, i didn't fix the coming soon thing? Dammit!

The door: That was just a pratical decision, i made that door in one frame and did not animated it cause... its a ridiculous amount of work. Plus the corridor in the back... Maybe when i finish the 'heavy' parts...

There will be combat! I got into RPGMaker cause of the horror RPGMaker community, these games are story driven and have very little combat, and that was my start point. I will put combat in the game but i'm not sure about lvl ups, it doesn't seems to make much sense plot wise...

Thank you very much for your feedback, it gave me a bunch of ideas, and OMG i have so much work to do. If you have new suggestions, please feel free to say!

It's a great book! BBCradio did various audio adaptations you can find on youtube, and there is the audio book for free at Librivox! My game would have multiple ends cause... reasons u.u

Hi! Thank you for your critique =D I'm sorry you were disapointed D: my focus with this game was to explore the parts of the web serie the viwers DIN'T saw, the off-screen parts, thas why the dialogs are rushed and lack explanation, i didn't wanted to take so much of what was already in the show.

I am a huge fan of the book as well! And now you made me wanna do an adaptation of the book! Would you guys wait till next year?

Thank you for your comment, i'm always in to take suggestions ^^v