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Just played, great aesthetic, loved the mood!

amazing art! Loved the armless king. Your work is truly inspiring :D

Woooow I just finished the game! Really cool, congratulations! I loved the design, gameplay, and story :D

Cool game, i just died :D

Cool game... i died X3

Awesome game!

Good game, cute graphics! Congrats!

OMG i loved it! Congrats!

OMG thanks <3

It's just the menus, I'm trying to change the language... the game text is in english and you wont need the menus much...

Hi, I'm having trouble with the android file export, sorry about that. You can ran it on web tho, on your android device...

Great! Thanks =D

Could I do it Hanukkah themed? Would that be ok? Or is it CHRISTMAS exclusive?

Hella cool!

very fun! Great art =D

OMG so cool O____O the colors are so beautiful! great work with GBStudio!

absolutely loved the animals <3

blz, vlw =D


joguei no browser mesmo

joguei até bugar, na porta da direita que é um labirinto. Muito legal o jogo, parabéns =D

OMG so cute, i love it!

Realy cool game, got stuck at some point, but will totaly play it =D

I got legitly sad when I failed XD Nicely done, very pretty and fun!

Really cool, great art, great gameplay, hope to see more =D

AMAZING! totaly loved it, great story, great art, great sound!

OMG I LOVE this kind of game, realy enjoyed, hope you do more =D

OMG what a lovely game! Super cute and fun, can't wait for the full version =D

just finished the game, what a trip! Creepy and fun, and thanks for no jump scares, I just can't with the jump scares @__@ also nice puzzles, hehe. Hope your project goes well =D

OMG i love this +_+

SO CUTE +_+ I'm your fan now, deal with it.

oh! thanks =D

Love the visuals, hope you do more games this style =D

oh thats nice! I'll wait for updates =D

cool game =D the jumps are hard >__<

wooow such a cute game =D I died so many times 8'D

So cute! getting use to gameplay still, but nice looks =D

beautiful game! can't wait =D Love the cat /o/ will pet all the cats \o\

So cute! Loved it, nice art and animation!