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exploring dangerous places in town

Damn fun game! Loved the art, hope to see more like it!

lovely game, beautiful art! I visited Ushuaia last year, saw the penguins, it gave me a bigger perspective on biodiversity and environmental preservation. This little piece touched my soul <3

I played A LOT of Montezuma as a kid, and this game just touches my heart. Thank you <3

muito obrigado! já estou planejando a versão extendida :D Espero que tenha outro jam ano que vem!

I'll try to make it for december. Maybe October, but most likely december.

You are amazing! Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you very much for your work <3

Can't believe I missed the deadline lol #sad ç_ç

ohhh I forgot to translate this one! I'll look into it ò_ó> thanks for the interest!

Hi, I'm And-chan! I do mostly RPGMaker games (it is possible to make a vn on RPGMeker, if that's the case),  I'm currently working on other games for jams, but I can always squeeze some more yuri into my life! So, if you have a story,  or an idea, or just want a friend on your side for the jam, let me know /o/


Hey! I was looking forward to the entries... Hope there is another one next year \o/

Hi! I tough i had another weekend to work on the game and missed the deadline @__@ I'll post it this week anyway, thanks for the jam o/

Thanks! I'm planning on doing bigger versions of some of my small games. Thanks to you, this one is on the list now =D

Thanks! It was my first time with Bitsy, it immediately came to my head when I saw the restrictions I had to meet for the Nokia 3310 and I was able to learn fast enough! I'm really glad I was able to convey emotions through such minimalistic work. Thank you for being open to feeling it!

Own, thanks! After heartbreak, you go down the stairs,  like pres down to go down the tile. The rest of the game is just one key to move forward but this little step is down /o/ It was really nice to explore this engine for the jam, maybe next year I'll manage to make a bigger game!

ah thanks for the tips! Got endings 1 and 3 :D

Got stuck, can't find the berries nor solve the statue puzzle, etc... will try again later! I might have done something out of order...

What a ride... Great game!

Thanks for playing! A bigger version with more story is coming, I'm also working on the art.  Thank you very much for your input, please follow the project so you don't miss the update notice :D

*aplause* amazing, young, fresh, funny, love it!

I vote for the Red riding hood poem!

This is lovely, amazing, 10/10!

1)I'm in the mood for horror, but non-horror is okay too.

2)I'm working alone for now, but would prefer to have someone to at least bounce ideas.

We could list a bunch of elements we would like to work with and compose a "skeleton" out of it, then apply it to one of the proposed stories. Assuming our final story would have 3 acts, we could overlap similar elements of interest to team up people. Example:

I wanna make a horror story, about a queer person, solving a mystery.

And then we apply it to one of the stories that were already proposed, like fanfic, so we don't have to worry too much about butchering the original story...

We also could pick a few elements and randomize the choice, improv theatre style!

Damn, this game is awesome! Love the art, the gameplay... will play again!

"Rad" it is!  I love the aesthetic, and will propose zine-making to my therapist!

this is really cool, I really miss media that makes people think. It's really simple yet you can get lost for while thinking about it... About caring for other people and things...

Those are new to me too! I'll look into them. Chase of the severed head sounds really cool!

No worries, we can add it +__+

Glad you liked =D 10yr old you were very creative, can't wait to see more of your work!

Hi! I've been reading Dracula recently... It has many locations and "phases", do you guys think it would be appropriate? I'm into horror and queer stories... We could also do Lord of the Rings, maybe?

I got a "How to write a story" guide in zine format at an event,  made a zine about fun moments I had with a girlfriend, I'm also thinking about making a game in zine format, and some templates for me to fill through time, like travels and stuff... just seems to be fun to have a box full of zines about my life, like photo albums use to be.

Hi everyone, I'm And! I make queer games in RPGMaker and GBStudio, pixel art, and crayon-like illustrations. I'm also into horror! Let me know if I can help!

That's lovely, I'll use it to practice illustration and appreciation!

Thanks for this! I'm a long-time fan of your work and I'm looking to improve my own, material like this makes it feels like a community and inspires me to create alike!

i like it +__+

After you click "Novo jogo" there is a prompt asking you to choose the language. I'll remember to make this clear next time!