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absolutely loved the animals <3

blz, vlw =D


joguei no browser mesmo

joguei até bugar, na porta da direita que é um labirinto. Muito legal o jogo, parabéns =D

OMG so cute, i love it!

Realy cool game, got stuck at some point, but will totaly play it =D

I got legitly sad when I failed XD Nicely done, very pretty and fun!

Really cool, great art, great gameplay, hope to see more =D

AMAZING! totaly loved it, great story, great art, great sound!

OMG I LOVE this kind of game, realy enjoyed, hope you do more =D

OMG what a lovely game! Super cute and fun, can't wait for the full version =D

just finished the game, what a trip! Creepy and fun, and thanks for no jump scares, I just can't with the jump scares @__@ also nice puzzles, hehe. Hope your project goes well =D

OMG i love this +_+

SO CUTE +_+ I'm your fan now, deal with it.

oh! thanks =D

Love the visuals, hope you do more games this style =D

oh thats nice! I'll wait for updates =D

cool game =D the jumps are hard >__<

wooow such a cute game =D I died so many times 8'D

So cute! getting use to gameplay still, but nice looks =D

beautiful game! can't wait =D Love the cat /o/ will pet all the cats \o\

So cute! Loved it, nice art and animation!

LOL I'm totaly hypped for the finished version, can't wait =D

Nice demo! Looking foward to the finished game =D

This is scary as hell! Great gameplay also, looking foward!

Hey, realy cute game, nice mechanics, had fun, looking foward to updates =D

thank you very much, I'll fix that =D

oh, thanks! could you be more specific about the moment in the game this happens? Is it after breakfast?

cool game, hot visuals, nice mechanics :D

very cool! looking foward for it, well done =D

So creepy! Loved it, great work! =D

Very nice experience, well done!

Oh boy! Hope you have fun with the web version while I sort out the mac situation, thanks for the feedback!

Hi! I uploaded the mac version again, could you check to see if it runs? I also made a web version that can be played here if you like!

oh boy! I didn't have a mac to test, sry about that D: I'm gonna check with a friend of mine and see what can be done, thanks for the report!

You welcome, let me know if you have any trouble =D/

It's the top left house, walk by the right side and it should trigger him =D

Ohhhh thank you! Walter is very happy, he will get his own game =D