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Thanks for this! I'm a long-time fan of your work and I'm looking to improve my own, material like this makes it feels like a community and inspires me to create alike!

i like it +__+

After you click "Novo jogo" there is a prompt asking you to choose the language. I'll remember to make this clear next time!

Really? *----* Well you are in luck! Wait till the next YaoiGameJam!

Oh! It's like just the text part? I thought it was a digital game with a mystery storyline! Sorry about the confusion, I saw "Cthulhu jam"  and got excited lol Thanks for clarifying, you are a good friend!

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Hi, I do RPGMaker games and pixel art, but my mystery writing skills need some polishing. If you have a story and wanna team up, I'm available =D

edit: I'm really into queer storylines, so it's bonus /o/

thanks! Mono-Puma and I will be working on more similar stories! :D

Great =D do you have a prefered chat app?

Sure! Do you have any game ideas? =D

ohhh so cute, so fun! loved it, beautiful art!

Hi! I'm And, I make games with RPGMaker and GBStudio, my previous entry for YGJ was To Be King, a friendship/romance about 2 trans guys. If you have a script or concept, maybe we can work it out =D I know most people here do VN, which is text-heavy, so if your text is kinda short or something... hit me up!

So peaceful <3

Great game! Loved to play =D

*slow clap* amazing :D

Hi! Thank you very much for playing, a bug was found that prevented some players from getting a crucial item, it's fixed now. About the patient's files... A second playthrough is a good way to fish this information /o/

They are 4 chars codes as in _ _ _ _ that you find in the first part of the game, before locking the door. Then your brain must work them to 8 digits \o\

Thanks, it's really good to know we are going in the right direction with something we love. I'm very happy that you had fun, you just made my day!

Cute fun game, very adult, I feel more prepared to adult now, thanks...


Just played, great aesthetic, loved the mood!

amazing art! Loved the armless king. Your work is truly inspiring :D

Woooow I just finished the game! Really cool, congratulations! I loved the design, gameplay, and story :D

Cool game, i just died :D

Cool game... i died X3

Awesome game!

Good game, cute graphics! Congrats!

OMG i loved it! Congrats!

OMG thanks <3

It's just the menus, I'm trying to change the language... the game text is in english and you wont need the menus much...

Hi, I'm having trouble with the android file export, sorry about that. You can ran it on web tho, on your android device...

Great! Thanks =D

Could I do it Hanukkah themed? Would that be ok? Or is it CHRISTMAS exclusive?

Hella cool!

very fun! Great art =D

OMG so cool O____O the colors are so beautiful! great work with GBStudio!

absolutely loved the animals <3

blz, vlw =D


joguei no browser mesmo

joguei até bugar, na porta da direita que é um labirinto. Muito legal o jogo, parabéns =D

OMG so cute, i love it!