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Oh boy! Hope you have fun with the web version while I sort out the mac situation, thanks for the feedback!

Hi! I uploaded the mac version again, could you check to see if it runs? I also made a web version that can be played here if you like!

oh boy! I didn't have a mac to test, sry about that D: I'm gonna check with a friend of mine and see what can be done, thanks for the report!

You welcome, let me know if you have any trouble =D/

It's the top left house, walk by the right side and it should trigger him =D

Ohhhh thank you! Walter is very happy, he will get his own game =D


Thanks! This experience has been very positive for me =D

great game, very fun, cool art =D

Very fun! Loved it =D

Realy cool game, beatiful art!

Neet, i like it, cool art!

Hardcore! Nice art, cool concept!

Cool game, neet look, nice concept =D

cute game, very fun!

hahaha amazing!

Looks good and it's fun! 10/10

Hard, fun, and cute! 10/10 haha

Looks great, it's fun, 10/10!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Ohhh thank you for playing! I had trouble with the triggers buttom press, had to improvise... Glad you liked it ^^

Oh, I see! I had quite fun with this game, I think I spent around 1 hour in it, if you ever finish it, consider mobile release,  I tottaly see lots of people trowing a dollar your way =D

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It's fun, but I couldn't figure it out how to make the drones, or what the launcher does... Also couldn't get very far @_@
edit: I FIGURED IT OUT, this game is very addictive +_+

Such a cute game! lovely!

Hey, cute game! I was not the best at the rythm part @_@ but it was nice overall, wish it was longer, hope to see more of it /o/

Hey! Just played you game, loved it! Very fun, can't wait for the full game :D

wow that sux, I'll email you soon... thanks!

how far are you into it? like halfway?

Hi! Thought you were working on it already... anyway, i havent seen a download in ages... no requests for MV version... but hey, why not, right?

Thank you very much! You are amazing! I'll fix this all and work on new ones, lol XD This game will be finished, just wait for it X3/

I also would like to see more of this game, it's nice =D

Oh! Sorry, for the late response, i didn't got an email about your comment @_@ Glad it worked out =D let me know your thoughts when you finish, I may remake or continue this game this year ^^

Maybe! I'm looking foward to buy RPGMakerMV, till then, windows only D: but i think you can play using a virtual machine /o/

Hi, patcot, if you are having any trouble with the game, please give more detalis.

yes! just replied =D

yes! you can message me on tumblr at if you dont wanna expose it here /o/

waw, sure! I dont have MV tho D: but i would love to export to MAC and Android +_+


Nice game! Wish there was more =D

This is a very attractive plot. Im in.