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Just trying the new demo, looks like I'm stuck in a loop doing Sword training the second time. It happens after the level 2 Sword Training mini-game while the message repeats: "The Sword Instructor gives a couple of last pointers to the soldiers she is training and walks over to you." Again and again. After reloading save and doing it again it just gets stuck.

Also, will you do something about the annoying 'drag image' while playing any skill-up mini-game? You can drag an image like the target and because of it miss taking the shot.

Furthermore I'm experiencing quite a difference, especially convenient that Auto-text button and the quick save/load! Perhaps a slider to regulate the speed of the auto-text would be a great addition as well! Also, earning Courage after completing a Job makes sense, things go faster this way. Still not through the demo, will provide more feedback later!

EDIT: Finished the new demo! Turns out the loop only happens the 2nd day in the castle, and after talking to the instructor. I was able to finish the training till the milestone before needing to continue with the story.

Hey Chinpa! Thanks for letting me know, will look at those areas right away

Edit added.

Excellent, glad you were able to get past it! If tomorrows kickstarter gets funded we will be able to hire a programmer to translate the mini games in Unity. That should help a lot with training bugs. Thanks again for playing! Sword up! (=